No wordsI

WP_Sarita Chaulagain of Bhotechaur 01

Sarita Chaulagain of Bhotechaur, Sindhupalchowk cooks in front of her collapsed house. Although everyone in the family and their cattle is safe, their house is totally collapsed. After talking and taking photographs for a while I was about to leave. Her in-laws, who were busy making a temporary shelter, offered the meal before leaving. I was very much surprised and got emotional at the time. Seeing their kind heart and hospitality despite their loss. When I refused, her mother-in-law said at least to drink a glass of milk. I didn’t want to trouble them, so at last I said well now I know your house, so I will be back for meal when everything will be ok. That’s when I she let me go with goodbye. I was overwhelm that there is still humanity.
Just one day later, I saw a video on facebook of avenues tv, that reported people selling the relief material. On one hand people who have lost almost everything were so kind and on another side, people were doing things that are, for me extreme level of insensitive/brutal/cruel (don’t know actual word to say it). That also at the time when whole country is crying. For both these cases, I seriously have no words to describe.

No wordsI

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