Breaking my own barrier


I personally don’t believe in ‘style’ in photography or any art form. The reason for photography I do is for telling stories. I do photojournalism. My practice of photography is to capture what I see, not create for the photo. But for some time, I have wanted to try to do some photo shoot, which I am not used to. I personally am poor in staging and I do not like using flash but to use the natural light or whatever light is available.

The concept
I personally cannot judge the concept of nude photography. But every time I see a nude photo (which I don’t do a lot) understand how people perceive it, it somehow is linked with sexuality. I just had to break that. I was seeing a lot of posts on social networking sites related with mother’s day. That gave me a feeling to do something on it. I am in touch with my mother almost every day over telephone. She is in Dharan and I’m in Kathmandu. But we talk almost every day. And every time when I talk with her, I sense that she is always worried about me. And when I say her not to worry too much about me, she always says that she always feels that I’m never grown up. And I feel the same. For every mother, her child is never grown up. And she protects her child with her love, care and blessing just like a child in the womb before birth. And I had to interpret that with my photograph.

Bringing the idea into reality
It was the biggest challenge. To imagine is something and bringing that to reality is something else, completely. That also to make someone pose naked for photo which will be shared on social media.This seemed almost impossible at first.

A friend of mine (Avash Karmacharya) who is a photo fanatic did a small photo shoot. Since then I wanted to try something conceptual. He shared that he wouldn’t mind to do a nude photo shoot.

I shared the idea and my friend liked it instantly. I planned for the light (which I am not used to), borrow my colleague’s flash and than did the shoot.

It took us quite sometime to set our studio in friend’s storeroom. But somehow managed to do it with a lot of trial shots and some awkward moments just before the real shot. There are still a lot of things that could have been done better. But we all learn from mistakes. Beside our low-budget diy flash diffuser did pretty good job.


Breaking my own barrier

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