Plan that didn’t work for Buddha Jayanti.


After shooting star trail few times, I was pretty confident that I would get the shot I want. I wanted to shoot Boudhanath Stupa on Buddha Jayanti. The plan was to the Boudhanath Stupa with the background of star trail. The north star placed on the center of the Stupa and rest of the stars circling it. And, the day I planned, Buddha Jayanti: birthday of Lord Buddha.


I took a look at the software I use to see the time and direction of sunrise – sunset and moon rise – moon set. Buddha Jayanti falls on full moon. So it was very tricky to get the stars on full moon because the whole sky is lit bright. The best time would be few minutes after moon set and before sunrise.


I reached to Boudha on the time I planned. And I set up everything. The only thing that I could not plan or setup were the stars. To be specific, the visibility of stars. All those preparation meant nothing when the stars were not seen. I believe it could be the pollution of Kathmandu. Sky at night from Kathmandu mostly are not clear. So, I had to be satisfied with whatever I could see.

Yourshot_buddha jayanti 04

Plan that didn’t work for Buddha Jayanti.

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