Starting the year 2014

I always wanted to have a digital recorder. Few of the biggest ‘achievements’ I had in 2013 besides getting married were getting rid from my almost vintage laptop and getting a macbook and a digital recorder. Finally, a friend of mine brought me a digital recorder as a gift. I always wanted to make a presentation/slideshow with the sound I recorded myself. I am having fun to learn editing videos these days. Thanks to all those tutorials in youtube.

All of a sudden I got assignment saying there is a rally by Muslim people. I thought of some protest. But it turned out to be a peace rally to celebrate Eid Milad Un Nabi. Celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. I couldn’t wait better time than this to do the debut of my recorder. But I hadn’t seen all the functions of it earlier. So at the times I thought it was recording, actually it was not.

But just around 45 minutes of shooting and some 10 minutes of recording sound, I got a call from my boss. So, I had to rush immediately for another assignment. So, I could not shoot as much as I wanted. But had to start somewhere to making digital presentation. And, I’m happy with what I could do in the time I was there.  And this is just a beginning.

 The video is also on Youtube

Starting the year 2014

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