Adopting technology

photojournalism 01

Imagine a photographer sitting in a room surrounded by monitors being ready to click. And, the monitors displaying live-view from cameras set up in various locations. With the technology developing so fast can’t say it is not possible.

I took the above picture a few days ago in a restaurant called Nepal Connection in Thamel. A child enjoys food while a live view from Jomsom is projected on the background. The camera was installed in a place called Mahare in Gandaki, which is hundreds of kilometers far from Kathmandu. It just needed a laptop and a good internet connection. The quality of wireless devices and internet are being better every day. So can’t say what I mentioned above cannot be possible.

Michael Wolf won Honorable Mention in World Press Photo Contest 2011 for his photo story ‘Series of unfortunate events‘. Those photos were not taken going out on location. They were photographed from Google street view, placing a camera in front of a computer screen. Some said this story winning award was a ‘controversy’. I say this was a good example of starting debate. And, after all we have always been adopting technology.

Adopting technology

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