Feature photo

People normally think that working in a daily newspaper means whatever photo you take, it is published. Some people think ‘photojournalism’ is all about taking political or hard news photo. But both of these are misconceptions. Photojournalism is not just about taking political photos. It’s also about daily life images. They are called ‘feature photos’. In my (our Nepali newspapers) context, you have to take ‘feature photos’ when there are no programs to cover. Feature photo includes everyday life with some news values. But they can’t be photographically good or artistic. If the photo is good (creative), it won’t get published. The reason will be ‘readers will not understand.’ Here I always remember a Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif’s word: “Editors are visually illiterate person.”

And most of the photos we take don’t get published, just like the above one.

Feature photo

One thought on “Feature photo

  1. I can imagine the feelings you have as a photo journalists and how you try not to be a stereotype. Effort you do is always good one. I wish you have more space to joggle all good feeling you have to explore your creativity to the fullest. Keep toiling.. I admire your work.

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