My blog at Kalapathar.

I was very busy organizing the photo competition for over a month. I thought I would take a break after that. But just after two days, I got a trip to Everest Base Camp (EBC). EBC was in my list to visit this year. So I packed my bag and left.

I have travelled many places of Nepal. Some journeys have taken to very beautiful places. Some of the journeys made me suffer a lot. But for me, travelling is like addiction. No matter how much I suffer, when it comes to travelling, I just start packing.

EBC had always been a place I wanted to go. Going to the base camp of the world’s highest mountain would be anyone’s dream. Halfway through the journey and Mt. Everest cannot be seen. The only and best view one can get is to climb Kalapathar that is opposite of Everest and at 5550 meters. It is almost 200 meters higher than the base camp. Climbing to the top of Kalapathar was one of the hardest walks ever for me. Different story which I may blog about someday.

On the top is a big rock and is on the base of Mt. Pumo Ri. Climbing that rock was a bit scary. A slip and no one can find the pieces of your bone. After enjoying being on the highest place, I have ever been to. I saw a friend of mine was writing on the rock. I borrowed the pen that he had borrowed from someone else and wrote the date, my name and my blog. If anyone of you reach there, take a look. I hope the weather won’t be that cruel to wash away my hard work.

EBC, definitely a place worth going.

My blog at Kalapathar.

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