More than blurry pictures

After coming back from covering the National Games, I haven’t got many ‘assignments’ from office. That means not much shooting. And besides, I was little busy for a workshop and another photography class that will be started soon. And now I will be shooting lesser as I will be busy working for the photo competition.

Last Friday, went to in a gig of Naya Faya. It was my Friday night out after a long time. The place was filled with boozed fans. They were rocking all over the place. The reggae-punk music took me to the floor and made me head bang. Although it was the first time I was listening the band.

Another thing I couldn’t stop myself from doing was taking photographs. I didn’t mind stranding my camera strap around my hand while still banging my head. At some point the small room was becoming a mosh pit. I managed to save my camera and myself.

Photography gives me opportunity to be more intimate with moments. I sometimes want to take a break from my job, but really cannot from taking photographs. When I’m with my friends and enjoying the most, I enjoy taking photographs even more. After all photography is not just about telling stories. It’s also about capturing those moments. I love shooting in the low light. Everything was perfect. The mood, the light, my friends and my new 20mm lens. Most of the photos I took are blurred. Taking sharp images with rule of third doesn’t matter to me. Photography at least for me is much more than that.

More than blurry pictures

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