6th National Games got inaugurated

Today was inauguration of 6th National Games in Dhangadi. If I have to say how it was, well it got inaugurated anyway.

National games is the biggest sports event of Nepal. President, Prime Minister and some other ministers came from Kathmandu for the inauguration ceremony. Huge amount of money is invested. But the management of the event was as worst as it could be.

The stadium was not completed, the ground and other infrastructure seemed under construction. There seemed no coordination between the organizers. It seemed like scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

There was disastrous placement for the media. Being a photographer, I was all surrounded by volunteers and almost everyone taking pictures with their mobile in the track. I also met few players from Dharan whom I know. They told me that the way they are living is another catastrophe. That is another story.

Anyway, it is a big event for sports and I wish for its successful completion.

6th National Games got inaugurated

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