Q & A with Philip Blenkinsop

“Almost every photographer, even professional, now do not focus manually so the pictures will always be simple. I mean if the camera dictates the term, if you have a machine with no brains telling you what to do, what does that make you” – Philip Blenkinsop

It is always interesting and inspiring to read interviews of masters. But I prefer listening to them than reading. What comes out in the newspaper is edited and not everything they said. Recently I got a chance to shoot Philip Blenkinsop for interview. It was really very motivating. Ujjwala Maharjan, who is one of the good writers we have is very enthusiastic and did a job.

Want to thank Philip for his time and opportunity I got to meet him.

Read the full interview in the link below (page 8-9)

Q & A with Philip Blenkinsop

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