If petrol is expensive, start cycling.

I’ve been working in the daily newspaper for almost three years now. Daily newspaper means, a lot of assignments in a day. Going to different places and many last minute calls.

There is protest at TC, need a photographer right now for interview, got last minute information about a programme and so on. Being a photographer, I cannot afford to reach late and miss the shot. To go to all the places for assignments, I use cycle.

Yes, cycle has been my primary vehicle to go everywhere in the city for the past two years. I don’t remember missing any shot just because I ride a cycle. I have always reached on time to all the assignments.

Before I had cycle, I used to walk or travel in the local transportation. That means a lot of time to go from places. And also to reach many places every day, riding on local transportation is expensive too.

These days, there are protests against the price hike of petroleum. As I know, the price hike is global, not just in Nepal. The fuel crisis is global. And for the country like ours, who have to depend on others, there is no option.

In this condition, instead of staging protests, burning Prime Minister’s effigy, blocking roads and burning tyres will not solve the crisis and price hike. It’s time to look for alternatives.

In Kathmandu, the best way of travelling around the city is cycle. I am not just saying it, but doing it on a daily basis. Kathmandu city is not that big either. I think if people going to job every day in the city start cycling there are few advantages I’ve listed below.
1. You don’t have to worry about petrol. The price or spending hours to fill you tank.

2. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the traffic jam for hours.

3. Running cost for cycle is almost zero. Except for changing brakes, that can be once in a year or unless you break something.

4. You don’t have to worry about fitness.

5. You will reach faster than the local transportation.

6. If half of the bikers start cycling, there will be less traffic jam and cleaner air.

Well, these are few reasons from my experience. So it is better to stop wasting time and energy on protest and start cycling.

If petrol is expensive, start cycling.

10 thoughts on “If petrol is expensive, start cycling.

  1. rojee says:

    really the superb solution for the recent situation bt i don think the condition of the roads are safe for cyclin in valley….at least not in da day tyms….

  2. Bimal says:

    i love cycling, the only problem i see is the parking, esp when you take it to the market….So id like to request to all the restaurants,malls, hospitals, offices and so on,
    Please make it your place bicycle friendly.

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