Same issue, same slogans, same place but different protesters.

These days the ‘hot’ issue for protest has been strike against price hike of petrol and lpg by students and “landless” squatters. Squatters are protesting against the government’s decision to demolish their homes to make roads. I have been waking up early every morning to cover that, but that is being postponed. But that is something else to write about. Which I will blog soon.

Students affiliated with ANNFSU

When it comes to protest and it involves students, Tri Chandra Campus is one of the ‘happening’ place. Today I rushed as I got information that students affiliated with Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) are burning Prime Minister’s effigy. When I reached there, students affiliated with ANNFSU were preparing the effigy.

A few minutes later, my confusion was cleared when a student told both unions had prepared the effigy to burn. First ANNFSU students went to road, chanted slogans against Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Slogans were about cursing him, and demanding to reduce the price. The burnt the effigy and still stayed on the road chanting slogans and blocking traffic.

Students affiliated with NSU

About an hour later was the turn for NSU. They repeated the same thing. They brought the effigy out of college. They rallied around Rani pokhari and Jamal, came back chanting almost the same slogans. They burnt the effigy around 30 meters far from the previous one. What a co-ordination between two rivals.

Same issue, same slogans, same place but different protesters.

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