Plastic Guitar

Ratnapark never fails to amuse me. It really is a happening place in the city, at least for me. I think it is like Times Square. Although I haven’t been there, I had read somewhere that if you stay there for few minutes you can see people from all around the world. It looks like if we stay there for some time, we can meet people from all around Nepal. I really enjoy being in such places. It is really fascinating to see totally different things going on at the same time. A kid running without pants past a person sleeping on the ground. A romantic couple next to a boozed man. Street vendors always cautious towards the van of municipality. People hustling to get in a tempo or a micro bus. Vendors selling watches dipped in a bowl of water to prove it is waterproof next another vendor selling porn magazines. This is just a glimpse. This place should never fail to amuse .

Today, I was assigned to go there to cover some protest. Not to forget this is also a favorite place for protesters too. But didn’t see anything like that there. Instead, a vendor was selling colourful air filled plastic guitar.

I had never seen that thing before. That quickly attracted the passersby and they started buying it. I talked to the vendor. He was from Rajasthan India and has been a street vendor in Nepal for four years. I asked has he been selling the same thing, he said: “no, it is a new product”.

Soon I saw there were other people already walking with the guitar.

Today in the happening place, what amused me was the plastic guitar.

Plastic Guitar

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