D for ‘development’, D for ‘destruction’.


There used to be a wall covered in branches near Tangal. It must have taken some years for it to grow. Before few days, it was bulldozed within few minutes.

A lot of demolishing has been going on in Kathmandu these days to widen the road. To widen road is a good thing. It is necessary for today. I support that. But what I haven’t liked is cutting down of trees. A lot of trees are being cut and we are losing little greenery we have.

Early morning last Saturday, I was returning from an assignment. I saw a bulldozer was demolishing a building. I took some shots. When I was about to put my camera, I saw another bulldozer clearing a garden across the road at Minbhawan. That was the only place I had seen in that part of the city which had greenery and flowers. But now that is gone.

This year I went to Annapurna Base Camp. A place I suggest everyone must go. And go soon. I had gone to Poon hill of that area some five years back. The place where the walk began is called Nayapul. It was very nice clean place then. This year there had been ‘development’: new roads. After seeing what the place has become, I felt like crying. It was a mess. ABC is one of the best places on earth for trekking.

But I guess, that’s the way it is. D for ‘development’, D for ‘destruction’.


D for ‘development’, D for ‘destruction’.

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