Going to Tokha with a friend had been a long plan. But that didn’t happen and will not happen. So I decided to cycle there. A quick look at the google map one day before and I chose to go from Hattigauda among many roads.

Just few minutes after I left the main road, a pleasant ride started. It was almost empty road. The music in my ipod was the only sound I could hear. It was very hard to hear in before few minutes while on the main road. The black topped road ended and then began the off road. It was nice to ride there.

I was not there for assignment. I didn’t even go to make pictures. Not for my newspaper, not for my portfolio. It was midday. It was not even ‘good’ light for photos. But I often say it’s not about good light or bad light, it’s how you use the light. Anyway, I was there because I wanted to be. I have started to hang out alone. I enjoy it. I just do what I want to do, what I enjoy doing.

I enjoy taking pictures. I just stopped the cycle and took my first picture. Sometimes the harsh light is good. I like it. I just love the dark shadows and the contrast. Finally, I reached Tokha. Being there was totally different from the way it looked in google map.

I didn’t stop and kept going. There were two roads after some time. A black topped and a rough road. I chose the rough one and kept going. I hadn’t gone off-road cycling in a while. I reached a temple, later knew it was Chandeshwori Temple. There were different groups for picnic. Most of them were dancing, playing cards or eating. I left my cycle and the crowd there and walked into the pine tree forest up in the hill.

It was just me and songs of Adele. I just don’t get enough of “someone like you”. I was far from urban architecture. The pine trees reminded me of my childhood. I saw the city in the hazy light and thought I wish I didn’t have to go back. I took some more pictures, stayed under a tree in the shade still listening to Adele and made a funny looking sketch of a branch of pine tree. After enjoying the peace for some time, it was time to go back.

Although Tokha was not as I had thought, I got to do what I enjoy doing. Being alone, taking pictures, cycling and listening to music.


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