Bob Marley

I met a 13 year old boy, Anjal during an assignment at Yatkha Baha. I was shooting for an interview when I saw him with Che Guevara printed ear stud in his right ear. I took his pictures and talked to him. He told he studies in class six and doesn’t wear it in school. I asked him who it was, he replied confidently “Bob Marley”.

Bob Marley

2 thoughts on “Bob Marley

    1. Sharareh Bajracharya says:

      ay, Anjal:) he’s in the realm of fashion as a form of rebellion. just stories and icons mixed up! no one’s sharing the stories about these people with him, I suppose. he’s one of the children who comes to the Yatkha Baha Srijanalaya, a neighborhood arts centre. this feels like such a great point of discussion. maybe i can entince him into finding out what the stories are. let’s see where it goes:)

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