Killing in the name of

These days there are lots of protest against animal sacrificing even from non-vegetarian people. Most of these protests happen around special festivals like dashain where sacrificing animals is a ritual. There were a lot of activities during the Gadhimai festival that takes place in every five years. Thousands of buffaloes are sacrificed to the deity during the festival. The number I think, however, does not exceed the number of buffaloes, chickens and goats killed every day for consumption.

Different ethnic groups have their own way of celebrating festivals. I have seen a few. Many groups start their rituals by sacrificing animals to the gods or demons. Coming from myths and mythological books, sacrifices were made to please both gods and demons.

The above photographs are of the Bhumya festival celebrated by the Magar community. The festival is about worshiping ‘Bhumi’ which means ‘earth’. They worship the Bhumi to be safe from landslides. The recent festival was celebrated at Khulla manch in Kathmandu. The festival began with a young boy worshiping a goat, which was followed by the goat’s sacrifice and then the Bhumya dance.

Killing in the name of

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