Cycling for light.

I have been cycling for over a year now. I cycle almost everyday to go to my office, every assignments and back to home. I use for transportation to go around in the city.

Saturday, April 2nd I participated in a rally to cycle with a group of around 400 people. That was for a cause and the cause was to raise fund to install solar LED street lamp. This is a very good cause and I am happy to be a part of it.

Although I don’t like to get up early, I woke up before alarm that day. It was a huge excited crowd in Patan Durbar Square from where the rally started. Around 400 cyclists, from professionals to rookie lined up with excitement. I had never cycled among the huge mass of cycle before. Although I didn’t want to take photographs at first, my instinct dragged me to record the moment. I pedalled as fast as I could to go ahead and took some shots at few places. I wanted to enjoy the ride more.

The uphill in Bhaisepati made everyone sweat. After that was a pleasure to ride past the green field as we were approaching our destination, Khokana. I thought after how many years these beautiful green fields will be replaced by concrete. That indeed is a sad part.

The six kilometers rally ended at Gyanodaya School in Khokana. I had never been there before. There was a track where some pro-bikers where doing stunts. I couldn’t stop myself from riding there. That was awesome. I wish to go back again.

The rally was followed by race. By the time I was hungry and some bands were preparing to play. After a pack of lunch provided by the organisor, I had to leave. I had a meeting to attend.

I wish to see the solar LED lamps soon and many people cycling in the street of Kathmandu.

Cycling for light.

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