View from the ‘VIP’

I used to be huge fan of WWF during my school days. I had always wanted to watch live wrestling in a ring. Not necessarily, the WWE superstars though. And this past Saturday, I saw Nepal’s very own international wrestler Himalayan Tiger.

Ever since I took up photography, I’ve carried my camera everywhere. But this time I decided to go without one. For once I wanted to be one of the audiences, relax, and enjoy the ‘fight’.

The previous Saturday I’d suffered a lot during the Bryan Adams concert. I had an official photographer’s pass then. For now, with the ‘VIP’ pass, I just wanted to sit and rather watch other photographers do their job. Since I was not going to shoot, a fellow photographer borrowed my camera body. I think for the first time, I went to a program without any of my gear.

But as soon as I reached, I got a call from office and I had to go to another assignment immediately. I had no option but to leave. I went for the assignment. But thanks to ‘Nepali time’, the wrestling didn’t start on time.

When I got back to Dasrath Rangasala, the women’s triple threat match was about to start. They had the attitude and showmanship of the fighters I had seen on TV. But in real, it didn’t look as interesting.

I was near the ring, but the view was not that good and it was too crowded. So I went to the parapet where the TV camerapersons were stationed. I got a nice view, but it was a bit far. Anyway, I was just laughing at the fight….wasn’t even close to what I used to see on TV. But it was fun. And I even uploaded my facebook status from there.

I think photography is inside me because all I could see from there were frames. I wished I was looking at the wrestling through my viewfinder. I wasn’t enjoying the ‘VIP’ view. I was missing my camera. But that didn’t stop me from taking pictures. I started taking pictures with my mobile phone.

The quality is not good, I can’t control most of the settings and the viewfinder ratio is different from what I am used to. But I was at least happy to take pictures. I learnt not to use ‘zoom’ while shooting with a mobile phone. And I realized that I cannot stay without taking pictures.


View from the ‘VIP’

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