Ten minutes at the FINALLY elected PM’s house

On Thursday, we finally got a new Prime Minister. I don’t even remember how many times we’ve had the election. It must be more than 10 times at least.

At office, I heard that I would be going to an ‘exclusive’ interview of Mr. Jhalanath Khanal. Our reporter was on the phone, constantly, trying to arrange the interview. I was told to be ready; we might leave any time. Finally we left at around 9:15, earlier than I thought.

When we reached Dallu, the PM’s residence, there were a lot of government vehicles parked outside. Locals, who had gathered on the streets, were eagearly looking at the house. I saw two camerapersons. But our reporter had a very good ‘relation’ and we were the ‘only’ media allowed to go inside.

We were told to wait for some time in the waiting room, where there were others waiting with flower bouquets. A guy was busy answering phone calls. A picture on the wall caught my eye: Mr. Khanal on a poster of a music album. I didn’t know that he had written songs for the album. I took my first shot. After I had taken some six to seven shots in that room, we were called.

Mr Khanal was with some seven to eight men with red tika on his forehead and flower garlands and khadas around his neck. Our reporter first congratulated him and then started asking questions. I started taking pictures. In a few minutes, it was over.

On the way back to office, our reporter was repeatedly telling me how exclusive it was. As I downloaded all the pictures, I checked the time of the first and last shots I took – exactly 10 minutes apart.

The next day, I looked at the newspaper. The photo was a small mugshot of two columns. I smiled at myself, what an exclusive assignment it was.

Ten minutes at the FINALLY elected PM’s house

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