It is not new for a Nepali to hear this. If there is a group of people gathered with some flags, no matter what the occasion may be, we hear “jindabaad” and “murdabaad”.

It was Prithivi Jayanti. The birthday of the king who ‘united’ Nepal. There is always a debate though, did he unit Nepal or expanded the then Gorkha kingdom? Anyways, at least, for now we have one ‘single’ Nepal.

My point here is something else.

Most of the time, I see Nepali people being so energetic and enthusiastic about chanting jinda-murdabad. It was PN Shah’s birthday, why not just wish him Happy Birthday, offer flowers and leave? Instead they were chanting slogans against the government, other leaders and political parties.

Not to forget the traffic jam created by the mass in front of Singha Durbar. Nowadays, people gather so easily for a rally and jinda-murdabad thing. What if they cleaned the streets with the same enthusiasm?

I feel really bad seeing Nepali people who waste their time and energy in the name of patriotism: wastetriotism.



One thought on “wastetriotism

  1. Nripesh Dhungel says:

    I think I agree with the notion that Nepali folks could direct their energy toward other group activities and etc. But there is an important point to be made here about those shah activities. Our country is at a critical juncture and going thru radical changes… dismissing our past and blaming history isn’t always the best thing. It is important for people who know the past to bring to light the identity of how nePal and her history shaped her. Otherwise we will be a country with no past…. No country in the world deletes it’s past. Countries that try, become weak and chaotic.
    Patriotism isn’t the enemy here… It’s the general apathy. While some people demonstrate for no valid reason…and admittedly waste time doing it, there is a great need for people to understand the type of changes that they seek and how other countries all over te world have dealt with change.

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