inside an inferno

“There is a torch rally protest by NSU at Shankar Dev College at 5 pm, be there at 4.45”.

As soon as I got this call, I borrowed a lens since mine is at he repair center, packed my camera and left.

Everyone at the site seemed excited. The youth of the nation, excited for the protest. I have never seen the ‘youth of the nation’ excited in for any other ‘good’ work. Anyway, I was just hungry and was waiting for the rally to start. I found out that they were waiting for the media to arrive. Some folks gathered and then the torch rally flooded out into the streets of Putalisadak.

Why did they have to run? I nearly twisted my ankle because i wanted to show how it feels being inside an inferno and was running ahead of them.

The smoke, a kind of itchy feeling in the throat, tears in the eyes but somehow thirsty to get good shots.

Suddenly a fellow photojournalist said, “Dai malai ta wakka lagna thalyo, kasto job hai hamro?”

inside an inferno

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