ministry of inauguration

“ma sanga photo pani cha. Bank ko udghatan garda garda aba ta sabai thaha bhaisakyo. Nagarikta ko photo copy pani chahincha haina.”

Our ‘intelligent’ Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said after lighting up panas and cutting the ribbon. It was in the inauguration of civil bank in Kathmandu. There is a ‘ritual’ in inauguration of every bank . PM, who normally does it opens the first account. PM Nepal was in hurry and repeatedly saying that he had to go. He had to do another inauguration. Again lightin up panas and cutting the ribbon. Unlike other people in Nepal, he is punctual about time. That’s the only thing I like about him. I followed him and another lighting ceremony was SAARC trade fair at City Hall. When I reached, he was already in the stage surrounded by some traditional music. As he lit up the panas I left the hall with other fellow photographers to go to Bhrikuti Mandap, where he was coming to cut the ribbon. He came and visited all the stalls, till 12.30 pm.

I thought to myself, what I could have in four hours of time. Well, it is a lot of time. I could have managed a lot of photos in my archive, I could visited many websites, read many articles. I thought if we had a ministry of inauguration. Where the only job of minister is to inaugurate and save time of Prime Minister and other Ministers.

ministry of inauguration

2 thoughts on “ministry of inauguration

    1. Bj says:

      I normally don’t go to political events much. But most of the programs i’ve been to don’t start in time. But in every program i’ve been to where Mr. Nepal came, he was punctual.

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