here comes the hero.

Anuradha Koirala, CNN heroes 2010 is finally coming back today. My friend had already gotten ‘fake information’ of her coming back some days ahead. When I reached TIA, i realised that i hadn’t been there for a long time. A lot had changed. I personally don’t like assignments when someone is coming back. Almost all the media were there. I was nervous with the pressure of not getting any shot. After a long anxious wait, here she comes. And then the ‘volunteers’; why the hell do they have to go surround her? For me today was too much. I always thought the police are the ones who give security. Here, volunteers do even with some bad mouth to the media. ???  Only thing going through my mind was: I need a shot of the ‘hero’. Afterall it’s my ‘job’. I tried many things. Tried entering into the huge mass, climbing on the railing, clicking my camera with my hands raised up high, running here and there. Finally got a table out of nowhere so climed up on it and took the above shot through a small window. But later she posed with the trophy anyway.

For me, it was a wrap thinking and at least i got a shot.

here comes the hero.

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