Jhole patrakar


Few days back I was assigned to a press meet of Tattoo convention at Nepal Tourism Board. To my surprise the program started exactly at the time it was said, 1:00 pm sharp. Sadly most of the journalists had not arrived. Anyway, when most of them arrived, it was almost time for the lunch box given by the organizers. As soon as the lunch box was given, most of the ‘journalists’ opened it and started to eat, in the middle of the press meet. Same was the ‘Patrakar’ sitting next to me. He didn’t even care about anything but ate, after he finished his lunch, he asked me, ‘who is organizing the event’. I realize why we have to be ashamed of our job sometime. At that moment, I just wanted to scream in his face “you jhole patrakar…..#@$%”

Jhole patrakar

6 thoughts on “Jhole patrakar

  1. Sarad Pradhan says:

    That’s the problem Bijay bhai we face everyday. We are still in confusion how to get rid of such patrakar coming only for eating. A few months ago, I told a well suited booted man that he was not invited for this lunch. Next day, he came again with another man and his son attired in expensive cloths and got in queue for lunch before I told them to go. Pls advice me…

  2. i’m sorry, they started on time? what parallel universe of ktm are you roaming about on??

    and, they ate their packed lunch without know what event they were at? classic. sadly.

  3. yesto patrakaar lai chai “bhukhmari patrakaar” bhaney hunncha, jholey patrakaar bhaneko chai – party worker turned journalist – lai bhancha. party ko jhola bokyo ani journalism garyo, party kai laagi.

    UML ko sabse dherai jholey patrakaar chan.

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