I knew there was a new excitement in Kathmandu people. Well that was not because our budget finally passed; KFC is in town. I was informed that I could get some good photos of people queuing before KFC opens for public. I was not sure patience less Nepalese people would ‘wait’ for anything and that for chicken at 11 am. To my surprise, there was a big queue. Some were even taking photographs in front of it as it was a new landmark of Kathmandu.

Mostly it was the youth. The same youth I know who can’t wait for 10 seconds in the red light in traffic signal. It was the same youth that can’t wait to pay their telephone bills. I could see such patience for the first time in a Nepali youth. Patience taught by brazillian chicken.

I saw the queue for few more days (haven’t gone there lately though). I just don’t understand why Nepalese people are so eager for tasteless chicken that comes all the way from Brazil. I said tasteless because it was tasteless to me (yes I tasted). KFC is supposed to be cheap. But you order, pay, wait for the order, take your food ‘yourself’ to the table and pay 10% service charge. WTF. And Nepalese seem to enjoying and call their friend and say I’m at KFC with nepali-english accent, Finger licking good anyway.


11 thoughts on “KFC: WTF

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    I’m from the South in the U.S. and yeah–my hubby is Nepalese–and I say it isn’t taste-less and every country needs some KFC! Love the post:)

  2. Bj says:

    Thank you for the comment. Well i’ve to say that the taste is different here. I don’t know why. To my visit, one chicken was not cooked well. The manager apologized and gave complimentary food though. It didn’t make good impression to me at least.

  3. She.Devil says:

    well me too…same pinch mate…i was really shocked n speechless whn i saw the pics of the queue…wht’s wrng wid thm??it’s jst a food..tyo bhanda mitho tah thelagada ma paucha in frnt of bishal bazar …and whn a bro sent me d ratelist, i was like can we afford this??lazz ko marnu hami haru…

  4. Denis says:

    Yeap !!! Bj these nepalese don’t have patience… can’t wait ….. as if the KFC resturant will close after 2 hours. I hope the Taste would be good for the Non-Veg but a vegeterian like me would like the French Fry and the Coles…… only. U don’t know the real meaning of KFC is not Kentuky Fresh Chicken …. it’s Kuhiyera Falnu Lageko Chicken LOL…. So imagine what would be the taste…… why people making Queue for that KFC

  5. Tej says:

    Yeah, i agree with some of the comments above like “can we afford them?”, “no patience, as if KFC would close in 2 hours”…. well i wish it closes soon! Its just deep fried chicken coated in breadcrumb with some spices, thats it. OR do you guys think KFC created some unique formula for spice or chicken that they are putting the price tag for. This is obiviously “a loot” of foolish nepalese! But who will understand….???

    And yes, there are other basic things we are lacking very badly that every country needs than KFC (Kuhiya Falnalayak ko Chicken)

    P.S. I am non-veg.

  6. reg says:

    do some body know that frm where they bring chicken for kfc? coz i had listen that nepali chicken is not suitable for kfc in nepal. if so then frm where thay r bringing chicken in nepal?

  7. Prashanna says:

    If u guys are not aware, Franchising a KFC brand name is very expensive considering the exchange rate of Nepali currency…. And all KFC around the world have to follow the same strict rules and guidance… Like their counters, kitchen, hygiene and even machinery and equipments… Now u can imagine how much would one have to spend just to open 1 KFC restaurant… And about the price, it will definitely be high considering all the expenses.. But just to let u guys know, the price of KFC kathmandu is cheaper than the ones in Singapore… But the taste, the quality and hygiene is same here! not like thelagaadi ko infront of bishal bazaar…

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