Friendly football

Former Miss Nepal Sugarika KC reacts after she misses the ball during the match.
Former Miss Nepal Sugarika KC reacts after she misses the ball during the match.

A friendly football match was organised at Dashrath Stadium, Kathmandu on Saturday, November 29, 2008. The friendly match between HIV Warriors and ARV Superstars was organised with a purpose of creating awareness against HIV/AIDS. Various singers, actors, players participated in the match. (More Photos…)


Kids hold the flag with the logo of HIV just before the match.


Rapper Nirnaya da NSK (L) and actor Deepashree Niraula shake hand before the match.


Singer Satyaraj Acharya.


NSK never leaves his red cap and black glasses.

Friendly football

3 thoughts on “Friendly football

  1. BG, you are the man!

    I have no comment for the photos of former-half-man-half-beast-now-skinny bimbo. But WTF is so wrong with NSK!!!!! Football lai farce po banayo ta.

  2. kwan chhang rai says:

    well well well aba bharkhar WORLD AIDS DAY bhabhya roop ma nepal ma manaiyo media le dherai had samma yaslai sthan dhiyo jata tatai yasaiko charcha suniyo ramro pani ho chetana dinu tara always only abt AIDS ani tyo pani warsa ko ek din samaya samaya ma garda kasto hunthiyo hola?
    aba suruko Suga Rika KC ko pik hahahahahahaha i think she never played before u know first ko pik herera lagchha “rail gadi chhuk chhuk chhuk chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chhuk chhuk chhuk.” she only knows this game hahahahahahahaha

    and lastly abt NSK u know yaar diz stadium ni ta he used to b rock there ni ta tyasaile hola getup change nabhako ani u dint mention abt tyo white long sleaves vest . ani tyo chauri lai hereko chha? sayad HIV AIDS ta tyahan po lageko chha hola malai lagchha tyo hariyo hunu parne hoina? so first check NSK le black gugs lagayeko ki green bhanera i supposed dat was green hai.
    this much for today.

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