Protest…protest… and protest…


A policeman pours water to extinguish a burning tyre during the protests staged by students of Tri Chandra College affiliated with Nepal Student Union at Durbar Marg, Monday, November 24, 2008. Students protested against the arrest of a student by the police at Maharajgunj on Monday.

Protest…protest… and protest…

5 thoughts on “Protest…protest… and protest…

  1. BJ, you know what, the spot where you stood and took this pic.. once I had a near accident right at that spot, while I was crossing the road.

    It’s a one-way and the vehicles are always coming from the (Durbarmarg) north to south, but out of habbit, I was checking the both directions my right and my left while I was crossing. I need not check on my right but I did.. and the next thing I knew was a big passenger bus with its tyres screeching and horn blaring.. stopping just one inch away.

    I was sort of stunned for the next 15 minutes hahahaha. So be very cautious next time you think of taking picture standing at the middle of the road.

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