Dharane Kaalo Bangur

Dharane Kaalo bangur ko masu yaha paenchha‘: This is something that is often seen in the meat shops in Kathmandu although if it really goes from Dharan or not. Kaalo bangur (Black Pig) has become one trade mark food of Dharan outside Dharan. Here in Dharan is a place called Bagarkot (named not so long ago). This is one cool place for the outsiders to hang out and have ‘Kaan‘ (ear of the pig). And if anybody wants to come to Dharan thats one delicious thing you must try with ‘Tongba‘ ( I suggest it although i don’t drink).

Dharane Kaalo Bangur

9 thoughts on “Dharane Kaalo Bangur

  1. Dinesh says:

    Yeap Bro U R 101% right that is a common slogan and trade mark of Dharan. I have only heard the Soup of Pig Legs use to get at Dharan in between Ratna Chowk & Buddha Chow. I agree with it even though i too don’t drink or eat i had feel once when i visit with my colleagues. It was really true many people from far apart coming and having soups and tongba. But this is new venue for pig ear at bagarkot. But i am 100% sure this kalo bangor ko mashu is not either of bagarkot or Ratna Chowk. Its a kalo bangur ko mashu from his own house made my aunty (Bj Moms) ha ha.

    Why u said kalo its not kalo u can say kalo bangur ko ratoo pakayeko mashu ha ha ha.

  2. kwan chhang rai says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha timro surprised ta gwam gwami khayen ni yaar nayanpan garera hehehehehehehehe last leave ma maile first time kaan khayeko thiyen ghar bahira lol tara Dew sanga not tongba ani bagarkot ma ta khai khayeko chhaina yaar tara katro katro yaar kaan ko chokta haru ta tyo Lingden Plaza ma ko khai name birse tyahan chain ramro paunchha hai kaan kaan khane haru tyahan gaye hunchha hehehehehehehehehe thanks yaar pik ko lagi tannai bhaiyo hehehehehehe annyeong

  3. Bj, yar timle malai jhan Drn ko yaad thapi diyeu yar……….
    Bagarkot ma gayera Khayeko kan ko yaad aairaheko bela jhan timle photonai rakhne?!! lala
    Any way M, missin’ alot ma DRN and u all……. kuttes guys. hahahaha
    all dabest
    b-bye kale

  4. ya, asti varkhar kaan sanga tongba khayera ayeko ho. Over miss gardai chu, Ani BJ bru le bagarkot ko soltini haru chai dekhena ki kya ho. Feri ek patak Bagarkot jane ani Waripari mazzale hernu la. Bagarkot ko kaan, Tongba ani Soltini pani famous 6 bru.

  5. made in dharan says:

    tyo mausam,tyo sanjh,tyo chiso hawa,tyo bagarkot ko chapri,tyo bhatmass chiura,tyo tongba,tyo sukuti,tyo kaan,hehehe,tyo bangur ko masu……………………….missing all.kya yaad aayo

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