Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll – II

Recently I went to a dance party at Recreation swimming complex, Dharan. The first thing came to my mind was I’m definitely going to get the part two of my blog ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’. This time one couple pulled my attention…(more photos) towards them. Normally in our normal society, the concept is boys usually get drunk and get wild. But in contradiction to that, the girl was drunk and wild. The boy looked very fresh and having a hard time to handle the girl. The boy was feeling shy and the girl was pulling the boy for the kiss. And one funnier thing was, usually in dance parties, I had experienced girls running away from the ‘press’ fearing there photo may be published in the paper next day, but this time one boy came to me and requested me not to take his photo fearing to get it published. May be our social philosophy is changing.

This was the couple i was talking about.

Another romantic young couple.

No words to say anything about her.

How those guys look at the model. Specially the guy in the right and the left.

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll – II

7 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll – II

  1. Dinesh says:

    Part 2 is more interesting, but dear i think its a change of time. Hope its a time coz boys and gals have the equal rights to do so. Many things has changed out within 2 years in Nepal, either its a politically or whatso ever. Bro gonna bg with the Dance party. Thats why i could not see your mail anyomore. Bru let me knwo ur status.. What are u doing more ?Okay Take care and no more canges in Viewdharan . No more Dashai eve for viewdharan ha ha

  2. Prashant says:

    Ya things have definitely changed a lot. I dont know if its for the better or the worse. I think its a good thing that girls are moving forward in society but it wud be good to hear about it in good positive news.

  3. kwan chhang rai says:

    wow dami dami dance party haru hundai rahechha jhan keti haru agadi bhane pachhi ta hamilai sajilo bhai halyo ni hehehehehehehehe no worry yaar tara tyo keta ko thaun ma chain ma hune thiyen ani ma timilai pani tyastai bhane thiyen mero mom le marnu hunchha bhanera plz dont klik hahahahahahahahaha annyeong gr8 job yaar tara yeah khai no update ni viewdharan ko ta hami chain daily daily herda herda tyahi kuhiyeko sabai kura haru uffffffffffffffffffff

  4. She.Devil says:

    how could u say tht d grl’s damn drunk??did u asked her??did some taste??maybe she’s in d mood to let go her tensions stress or smthng like tht…POD is always fun …

  5. Amit Bhai says:

    Bijay dai remember me ma prakash dai ko bhai janpath ko.. j hos tpaile photography ma dherai pragati garnu bhaye chha khushi lagyo dai,keep it up..

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