Indra Jatra

President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav offers puja at Basantapur Durbar Square where he witnessed the traditional Indrajatra festival on Sunday, September 14, 2008.

Indra Jatra is one of the major festivals of Nepal celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists. The festival is named after Lord Indra, god of rain and King of Heaven. The festival continues for eight days. The festival starts after a long wooden pole is erected at Basantapur. In the third day, “Kumari” is brought out to public in a procession. This year, President paid the homage to Kumari where ex-kings of Nepal used to do so.

Kumari – The living goddess of Nepal. Kumari is considered to be the reincarnation of goddess taleju.

Kumari – The living goddess of Nepal being taken to the chariot for the procession.

A Nepal Army Officer.

A Nepal Army soldier turns while they stand for the guard of honour.

Swet Bhairab.

The crowd gathered to see the festival.

Indra Jatra

3 thoughts on “Indra Jatra

  1. Kumar says:

    Maybe Goddess Kumari refused tika to RA-m VA-ra-NA yadav (i skipped every second syllable in english, or every second letter in Nepali/devanagari and found his name is camoflouged to Ram from Ravana. Also if you add DA it would mean he is the second incarnation of demon king Ravana.) Anyway, you missed the story in Nepal about the Indra Jatra I was desperately searching over the internet. Happy Dashain (the win of good over evil)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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