woman will be woman: Minister Hisila Yami (L) may be gossiping something with Sita Daha (wife of PM) during an launching of ABC television.


6 thoughts on “Gossiping

  1. Kwan Chhang Rai says:

    samanya kura hun baru yo ABC channel ko barema chain janna man lagyo. kasto prakar ko channel ho yo? sayad kathmandu ma matra prasaran hundaichha hola? yasbare jankari pauna paye dherai uttam hune thiyo huna ta sunna ma aayeko thiyo kareeb 1 dozn channel haru sweekriti lina lambadda chhan.

  2. It’s a News channel. ABC is named after three principles of “good journalism” – Accuracy, Balance and Credibility.

    However, since it’s a Maoist controlled/owned news channel.. the definition of ABC in this context, in reality, is a BIG question. Maoists would surely want to use this channel as their propaganda-machine, may be not right away. Let’s see if this channel can compete with Kantipur, Avenues and Sagarmatha.

  3. Kwan Chhang Rai says:

    ohh lots of thanks for urs kinda information aba news reader ko khancho hola i will try hai ta nepal aayeko bela lol anta yahi nai ho ABC ko full firm ko jot ma ho

  4. Kwan Chhang Rai says:

    anta if yo MB ko news channel ho bhane i think aba kongress ra emale le pani ta afno afno news channel lunch garla ni afterall aba MB le afno swartha ko lagi yo channel lai use garchha bhane MB ko ABC kongress ko XYZ ani emale ko 123 same as YCL, Youth Force ani Tarun Dasta.

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