Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n roll.


(these are some photos i took recently in a dance party; carlsberb grind)
More photos at :

Sex, drugs and rock n roll: i used to think that this was very famous during the ’70s, ’80s among the hippies and since then in the western civilization. But i guess this western civilization has travelled all over the world, including nepal and of course i’m talking about dharan. Evertime i go to take photos of dance parties, wat to say… wat i see.these days being ‘jhyaap’, huggin kissing, is something i see more than dancing in the dance party.and mostly gals are more intoxicated than boys. C’mon guys, so, get into some private places, get urself a room, or just get married.(hehe). cos some good people with family also do come to these place.

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n roll.

9 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n roll.

  1. Guys n dolls
    I feel really happy to see all those events in our town. But… its really panic to see all those things.. which will pollute our socitey… yeap it’s the demand of teenagers. It takes time , you have to remember…… u r not only the one therz at those events…. Pliz control your self … don’t pollute the name of dance party… Do eveything within the boundries… coz such pictures will demonstrate………. over civilized of the dharanes people.

    Bj i like the way u express & it’s a good msg to all of us. We have to appreciate the good things and minimize all those which our society could note easlily digest also

  2. I agree with bj & gattey comments. Don’t think you are alone on that party with your …………….. boy frens or gal fren. U can join with your family on such party also… think well………… you and ur generation can digest all those things with hugs… kisses or gals on the toxicated situation. We are not yed modernized with the western culture it takes time for us … Pliz do the things which could digest to all of us……… Make all the dance party a good place for all sorts of people. It’s not only for the teenagers…

    Remember such picture and such situation is not being easily digested by ur family. Control your self……………. or do as suggest by bj… either u get marry or … take a private place don’t do such activites at the public places.

  3. Bj says:

    When i was taking photos, there were some young who people who offended it. Some young guys came to me asked if i am a journalist, then they told me to publish such photo, it was too much.. even for those young lads

  4. well i don think ppl jst judge HAMRO DHARAN by given pics and seein’ such activities in dance party…can we judge other DHARANEZ by jst a lame comment or entry??at least i wont, coz m not tht dumb enough …man its a sign of openness, less rape case, less abortions and of course abt globalization…in life everyone wants to be popular n famous maybe tht’s why they gave such comments or maybe they were high…who knws … AND NO HARD FEELINGS …CIAO …

  5. Bj says:

    This photo and the subject is not targeted to dharan. What i want to say is freedom doesn’t mean to do something that offend others. That is NOT freedom.At that dance party other people got offended but some act. and i guess thats not right. And please feel free to comment. afterall its a photo BLOG. You don’t to end comment saying no hard feelings.

  6. ah its like tht…i jst linked ur entry and photo and nyways …heheh if they offended u thn stop visitin’ such events…u should attend funeral, rallys, bhajan mandali and so on…cant u skip such events??i knw u can…heheh once agn NO HARD FEELIN’ …hahah

  7. Kwan Chhang says:

    well well gud pics dats why coz we r koollllllllllllllll dharane thitaz and thitiz so we do rokkkkkkkkkkkkkk, hav sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and take drugssssssssssssssssss.
    aba dance party ta balla le hunchha daily bhayepo ati bhannu balla hangout huna payeko bela ma pani kina kich kich ni? hoina ta? sanchai party bhaye po sandhai yasto hunthiyo nabhaye ta feri yahan ta tannai pic hunthiyo ni.

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